About us



Looking for unique and affordable design? Furnified is a Belgian online furniture shop, with showrooms in Antwerp and Amsterdam. We design our collections in-house and produce them in traditional workshops. We want you to be able to show off unique furniture, which Furnified makes possible through a combination of trendy designs, exclusive products and craftsmanship. We want to keep surprising you with our capsule collections. These are small collections which we adjust to today's trends. Our designers follow the trends closely and will then create a unique collection together with our colleagues in our studios.



How can such original design remain affordable?

  • Furnified is different from others. We work without intermediaries - from design to delivery, all happens in-house. As a result, our products go directly from the workshops to the consumer. So the chain is very short, which ensures that we can keep our prices competitive.
  • In addition, we work with a limited number of exclusive designs, which allows us to keep our warehouse costs down.
  • Furnified doesn't choose prime locations for its showrooms, but establishes itself just outside the city. The easier it is to park and the more positive the effect is on the price.
  • Furnified selects its products for their quality and respects the ecology of the materials. This includes the recovery of wood and the choice for a thorough but wider selection of leathers. You can find more information about this on the product pages of our collection.


Our vision

Furnified wants to make people and particularly passionate design lovers happy with an exclusive product that has original character and a competitive price.



Furnified is a Belgian online furniture shop founded in 2015 by Dimitri De Vocht, the driving force behind both the concept, the collection and Furnified's strategy, with a mission to offer unique products at competitive prices. Experience has taught us that nice furniture often carried high prices and lacked originality.

What once started with a single dresser with a vintage look, soon became a complete collection which marked the beginning of Furnified. With the help of Ward Thibaut, who supported the logistic and commercial activities, a second showroom was quickly established in Amsterdam in addition to Antwerp.

Furnified targets design lovers who like to show off exclusive pieces of furniture, without having to adjust their budget.

Our mission

Furnified wants to narrow the gap between the demand and supply of unique and affordable products.

"Countless exceptional interior design trends have passed and are guaranteed to become 'hot' again in the future. Furnified wants to integrate these trends in its products at the right moment."

We hope to welcome you soon online or of course in our showrooms in Antwerp and Amsterdam!

The Furnified team