The dining table is the heart of every home: you spend a lot of time there and it's important to sit at the right one. With these 5 Furnified tips, you will choose the perfect dining table to spend hours at and create the most beautiful memories!

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#1: The more the merrier 

First of all, you need to decide how many seats you want and this will determine its size. How many people live in your home and do you often have visitors? If you have enough room in your dining room or kitchen, the rule is "the more the merrier". A large table is very cosy and creates a welcoming atmosphere. It's handy when people drop by so that you don't have to keep pulling out an extra table and chairs. Spontaneous visits will be no problem then.

In a small room, you will have to do the reverse and then a tape measure will come in handy. Measure the space between the imaginary table and the wall. You want to have enough room to sit down, so allow at least 1m to 1m20 for that. Sitting too tightly at the table is not pleasant. If you have a dresser, measure from the cabinet instead of the wall. Thanks to the tape measure, you can visually imagine what the whole set-up will look like. You can also cut cardboard to size or fold a tablecloth into the right size to make the visualisation even more thought out.


#2: Round or angular?

More and more people are going for a round dining table. This is not surprising, as a round table is beautiful, practical, versatile and, above all, cosy. If you live small, a round table is ideal because it takes up less space. You can sit with a lot of people, since you never have to deal with corners and edges. Moreover, a living room or kitchen often has a lot of corners and therefore round shapes are welcome in some interiors. This way, you can break up your interior and give it a playful effect. The main reason for choosing a round or oval dining table is because it's more sociable and easier to have conversations or to make eye contact with everyone. And with an odd number of people, you won't have any issues!

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If you choose a rectangular dining table in a smaller room, you should opt for a narrower one combined with a bench. Dining table Lex is a prime example.

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Long rectangular tables are extremely popular in spacious homes or flats. You can play a game at one end and then sit down for dinner at the other. Have visitors? You can easily add an extra table and chairs.


#3: What about table legs?

It is particularly unpleasant to bump into a table leg every time you have a cosy dinner. The position of the table legs is therefore very important: you should be able to sit next to them and not against them.

Our Harris eettafel, with a star-shaped leg in the middle, is a must have and will give your dining table a nice look. A table leg in the middle is very handy so that no one has to sit awkwardly around the table. Combined with an elegant top of your choice, this type of table will always bring ambience during moments with family and friends. Thanks to its compact size, this table is suitable for the living room, dining room or kitchen. This eye-catcher also fits perfectly in smaller rooms. 

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#4: Style and material choices

Your dining table should match the rest of your interior. Don't just look at what is beautiful, but also what fits into the overall image. Choose a permanent element in the room and adjust the choice of your dining table accordingly. The type of material will also have a great influence. It's always nice to revisit a previously used material. Your options are endless: marble, wood, metal,… Wondering whether the dining table will fit in your house or flat? Take some pictures before you go to the shop and ask for a sample. Don't lose sight of the maintenance aspect either!

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#5: Black, white or colourful?

The colour of your dining table also plays a big role. Especially if you have a smaller space, this is very important. A white marble or ceramic dining table makes the room optically larger than a black robust one.

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Take a look at all our Furnified dining tables for more inspiration and to add a beautiful eye-catcher to your home!


By Lien Egghe