brave ground kleur van het jaar

This year, we'll be giving our interiors a lick of paint in a brand new colour, because the Levis Colour of the Year 2021 has been announced. Brave Ground is a soft, brown/beige shade that has a comforting and invigorating effect as it reflects the strength we can draw from nature. Read all about the new trend colour here.


Nature and simplicity

Brave Ground reflects balance and stability as well as growth and potential. Our growing desire to be more in tune with the planet and nature, and to look at the future, is contained in this warm, earthy tone. In a world with many challenges like a pandemic, this is more than welcoming. It takes courage to move towards the brave new world and accept change. People's priorities are shifting these days and we are rightly focusing more on our well-being. Colour plays an important part in this; Brave Ground allows you to reflect, recharge and recalibrate.

Brave Ground trendkleur



Integrating Brave Ground into your interior

The colour is very easy to implement in any interior. It accentuates other colour tones and makes interior accessories radiate. You create, so to speak, a neutral canvas in which other things can shine. Your home can become the retreat you need. Brave Ground can be used in different environments. The colour changes tone throughout the day and creates responsive environments where everyone can feel at home.

Brave Ground kleur interieur


For example, the combination with an ochre and yellow colour palette is formidable. This combination suits various styles and immediately radiates positive energy in which you can blissfully come home. The colours form a timeless duo and reinforce each other.

Brave Ground keuken


Brave Ground also looks great in combination with dark wood, as this kitchen beautifully illustrates. The wooden furniture by Furnified fits in seamlessly. Especially teak is a perfect match with the new trend colour.

Brave Ground leefruimte


Together with earth tones such as clay and chalk, Brave Ground forms a beautiful harmony to bring warmth in your home. Earthy colours are extremely expressive and can breathe new life into any space. This combination can even create a Mediterranean look as if you're always on holiday in your own home or flat. The South is known for a reason: it has a great lifestyle and pace.


The ideal colour for your home office

Brave Ground is the perfect colour for your home office. The characteristic of this colour is to create peace, calmness for your brain, so that you can concentrate well and work without stress. A stress-free interior is a must, and our new trend colour contributes to this. With colour blocking, you can create a calm, yet playful look if you wish.

Thuiswerken brave ground


Are you ready to add a touch of Brave Ground to your house or flat? Then surf quickly to Furnified for fine items that are perfect for this look!


By Lien Egghe