The South is known for a great lifestyle with hours of dining and blissful warmth. Could you get used to Mediterranean living? Then bring this style into your home so that you can enjoy every minute and imagine yourself on holiday. The combination of joyful feelings, warmth and a slower pace of life will bring happiness to your lifestyle.


At one with the environment

We know the South mainly from holidays and a pleasant way of life. But there is more than that: the way of life is influenced by varied landscapes, a rich history and a pleasant, warm climate. Houses built in the Mediterranean regions are designed to take full advantage of the environment. Marble and terracotta are mined and shaped for use in everyday life. The living spaces make little distinction between inside and outside. Sufficient shade is provided for the hottest days. Life is dominated by the environment and homes are designed to merge with the environment.

mediterraan interieur


An interior beneath the southern sun


Prominent terracotta colours 

In the South, warm colours are everywhere. You can't ignore them in a Moroccan interior either. By painting a wall in such a warm tone, you immediately plunge your interior into a cosy atmosphere. The effect is even better if you leave some smudges visible, for an extra authentic look.

Deep green colours go very well with these terracotta shades. Plants such as cacti, olive trees or agaves fit very well into a Mediterranean interior. 

terracotta kleuren


Rattan and softwood 

By using natural materials and shades, you can create a nice place where real holiday feelings dominate. Rattan and softwood are the ideal materials for creating a Mediterranean setting in a home. Objects are allowed to be imperfect, because handcraft is typical of this region.

flora furnified

This Flora armchair, woven from natural materials, is slightly lower and longer in design, which encourages the user to relax in a stretched-out position. You will naturally start living at a slower pace when you're at home! A woven basket also fits perfectly into a Mediterranean interior.

In terms of wood, it's mainly oak that's being used.This natural material immediately provides a tropical holiday home feeling.


Mediterranean exterior

mediterraan exterieur


Sheltered areas

A terrace or other outdoor area is of great importance. On the hottest days with merciless sunshine, shade is more than welcome. With the right shelter, you can create a blissful safe haven. A sail always gives a playful effect.

mediterraan furnified



By Lien Egghe