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The industrial look has been very popular in recent years. Black steel and concrete are on the rise and can be found in many homes. An industrial interior is synonymous with robust materials, dark colours and a great sense of space. Such an interior is often wrongly labelled as unsociable and cold. Metal in combination with concrete does not have to make your interior cold and we prove it with the following must haves. These tips will inspire you to create a cosy industrial look in your interior by combining steel, wood, metal and leather.

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The industrial style is based on the factory architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries. We mainly see large, open and functional spaces. Functionality is a key word, both in terms of space and materials. Purely decorative items are hard to find in industrial interiors. Concrete, brick and steel are the most commonly used materials. These form a beautiful trio, but sometimes make a space feel cold if no balance is sought. A correctly designed industrial interior is incredibly cosy and warm.



Concrete is the key element of the industrial style of living and provides the rough look. Thanks to this material, you can save a lot of money by not having to paint or plaster your walls, for example. Leaving the concrete structure visible is key, but this requires a flawless finish. A polished concrete floor can be breathtaking in a home. Combined with black steel windows, your home's structure immediately has that industrial look you're looking for. Now on to the interior, because you can't design an industrial interior with just a raw structure!

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Furniture and accessories in steel, leather and concrete

Work with furniture that draws attention, such as a steel wall rack, a black leather relaxing chair or a metal side table. The industrial furniture by Furnified fit perfectly in an interior with concrete elements and steel windows. The industrial look can also be integrated into other living styles thanks to Furnified's collection.

Steel look

Integrating steel into your interior in an attractive way will go smoothly if you combine it with elements that have a warm appearance. Light is therefore the ideal partner for steel. The black steel lamps by Furnified guarantee an industrial, yet very cosy look in your home.

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Concrete look

Although the robust material concrete was originally used mainly as a floor covering and structural element, today you can do a lot with it when it comes to accessories. Concrete home decorations are extremely popular. Don't feel like a total renovation to incorporate the industrial interior style into your home? Thanks to small items, you can integrate concrete into your interior in a budget-friendly way. A concrete side table, flower pot, chair,...: the possibilities are endless.


If you have the choice between a fabric or leather seat, you will naturally opt for the leather alternative. A leather seat fits perfectly in an industrial interior. The leather is allowed to be a little worn and have a factory-like edge to it. For example, place a leather armchair in front of a rough brick wall or on a polished concrete for a beautiful industrial effect.

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A soft industrial interior

Combinations with natural elements will also fit into an industrial interior and will make it look softer. For example, you can choose out of rattan or wood, or for marble, terrazzo and other types of natural stones. Lots of plants will also immediately create a natural, soft ambience. So, aloe vera and cacti will fit perfectly in an industrial house. Warm and cold complement each other beautifully in any room.

A simple way to use wood in your interior is by choosing a parquet floor. Wood adds a lot of character to your home. Dark, unprocessed wood will go better with the industrial look, while light, fine wood will make the space cosier and less heavy. Cabinets and tables can also be used to incorporate wood into the rooms of your house or flat.

Soft elements, such as cushions and soft plaids on the sofa, can complement your industrial look well. Rugs can also make it more cosy.


Mix and match

Don't be afraid to combine different styles. Industrial elements go perfectly with a scandinavian or modern interior. Extremes complement each other well.

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By Lien Egghe