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Leave your furnishing to the real experts

Do you also want an interior where you feel completely at home?

Our interior stylists will be happy to help!

Our interior stylists are skilled.

Save yourself unnecessary doubts, stress and time. Our stylists will guide you through the countless possibilities and take a solution-oriented approach. The end result? An interior tailored to your wishes and lifestyle. That really feels like coming home.

Interior consulting

Why choose an interior stylist?

  • You are looking for interior inspiration and advice tailored to your living preferences and ideas
  • You have a lot of inspiration but don't know how to combine different styles
  • You're a fan of Furnified but you don't know how to translate that real Furnified feeling into your interior.
  • Your interior is a reflection of yourself, but not everyone is able to express this.
  • An interior stylist dares to think 'out of the box' and makes sure that you do not keep falling back on safe choices.
  • A budget-friendly way to upgrade your space

Working method

How do we work out your plan?

Make your choice from one of our experienced stylists at the bottom of this page. They have prepared three interior styling packages for you.

  • A REGULAR package with online advice
  • A MEDIUM package with more extensive on-site advice
  • A LARGE package with complete A to Z supervision

Each stylist has their own approach and design style.

Also great as a gift idea!

Choose one of our stylists

Vicky Vinck

Fie De Maeyer


Do you still have questions about our interior styling services? Then get in touch with us.

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